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All Request Party

Pledge your requests here. As a pledge, if we play your request, we would appreciate your generous donation. Suggested donation for a song is $5, any amount is welcome. If you want to hear a previous episode of Living Downstream, Radio Active Restoration or Conservation Today, we are asking for a donation of $100. Below are some of the rules for requesting songs or programs:


  1. Content must be free of cusswords
  2. Songs cannot be an unlicensed cover of copyrighted work
  3. Bands cannot trade a donation to play their song, ask a friend to request it (same goes for hosts of KQUA talk programs)
  4. We have over a terabyte of digital music. If we have it, we can play it (when requesting, request a number of songs in order top songs)
  5. If we don’t have a song, we cannot play it off Spotify or YouTube, nor can we accept files through email