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Lunch with Forages with guest Dr. Joe Snyder

Zoom Meeting

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Date: November 17, 2022
Time: 12:00 pm
Location: Zoom Meeting

Let’s talk about parasites and grazing animals. Dr. Joe Snyder is a veterinarian with decades of experience working with grass-based farms and ranches. For many years, he ran the Myrtle Veterinary Hospital in southwest Oregon. His clients grazed beef cattle, sheep, dairy cows, goats, and horses in a mild climate that was ideal for grass and worms, coccidia, and other parasites that thrive on pastures. After retiring from active practice, Joe taught Veterinary Technicians-to-be about farm animals at Portland Community college but is now almost fully retired. Today we’ll discuss parasite treatments, resistance, and how grazing strategies can reduce or increase parasite loads.