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Power Pit PRO Wrestling

Power Pit Performance Center

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Date: April 2, 2022
Time: 6:00 pm
Location: Power Pit Performance Center
Power Pit Pro Wrestling linve April 2nd!
Ringside $20 (get them before they sell out)
general $15
Doors open 545pm
bell time 615pm
With fReAkShOw giving Draven a brutal beat down in the middle of the ring to prove a point… What”s gonna happen next… We’ve seen a different side of Draven and he’s Furious!
Natural Born Outlaws Will Defend their Smoking Gun Tag Team Tittles against Lance Dean & his new Partner Jakari Frost who miraculously pulled a win over The Natural Born at X-Fear-Ience.
The Rat King and ike van Dyke tore down the house in a Grudge Match, as ike seemed to be off his rocker! two men beat the tar off each other using chairs, kendo sticks, and even the first 3 rows of chairs until . ending with ike getting revenge by folding the chair over Rat Kings head and ramming his head into the steel post. will this be the end….
The Monster Big Viscous has Challenged Buddy Highway to a Monsters Ballad Match to the sound of Screams hanging high above….
Power Pit Champion JB Moonshine faced Zack Winters in a rematch for the Championship alot of great back and forth action, reversed finishers and just when we thought we we were gonna get an end to another great match the lights went out…Arena Filled with Smoke… 3 black figures attacking everyone in and out of the ring leaving no one standing to answer count I.. to avail the the Champion JB would retain his Championship, but yet angered and confused, as the two men put it all on the line to be attaked….
Be there April 2nd Live
tickets on-sale online now
Thrifty Gypsy Wednesday
Nice Twice Wednesday
power pit performance center
8005 old hwy 99 n
Roseburg or
Suite F