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Living Downstream

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About this Show

Living Downstream is a program for folks who'd like to learn about environmental topics of interest in the Umpqua Watershed of southern Oregon, and the larger Pacific Northwest region. It is coordinated by the AmeriCorps member serving as the Environmental Education & Outreach Leader for the Umpqua Watershed organization in an effort to bring awareness of environmental issues to a wider audience.

If you are interested in being interviewed on an area of your environmentally-related expertise for this show, please email

Resources (Newest Episodes Posted at the Top)

Episode 6 - Caring for Critters (Airing February 20th & 21st)

This episode features interviews with Peggy Cheatham of Umpqua Wildlife Rescue and Megan Gram of Saving Grace Pet Adoption Center; in it you'll learn the important & difficult job of wildlife rehabilitators, creative uses for baby socks, what to do if you find baby kittens, and how to get involved with both organizations. Additionally, Marnie Allbritten shared a song she wrote for an eagle she helped rehabilitate (lyrics below).

Now that we're one month in, we'll share a few highlights from the first five episodes as well!

Links/Websites Mentioned in (or related to) Episode 6

Lyrics for "Golden Friend" by Marnie Allbritten

Golden friend, you take me flying in your memory.

Eagle friend, you teach me how to fly free.

Wounded friend, I know how it must feel trapped in your cage of steel

I want to help you heal.

Take my song and rise with it above the pain.

Take my tears and join them to the rain.

Take my love and soar above the clouds, unbroken and unbowed.

So gentle and so proud.

‘Cause each one has a role to play on the turning wheel

And the one that we set free today will help the earth to heal.

Golden friend, you take me flying in your memory.

Eagle friend, you teach me how to fly free.

Eagle friend, I swear the pain will end, like shadows on the wind,

And you will fly again.


Episode 5 - Understanding Pacific Northwest Fires (Aired February 13th & 14th)

In this episode, we heard from Ken Carloni about the history of wildfires and wildfire management in the Pacific Northwest, the challenges of planting a monoculture (single-plant) plantations of trees, and possible solutions moving forward.

Resources for Episode 4 - Observing Birds & Other Wildlife (Aired February 6th & 7th)

In this episode, we'll hear from Damon Lesmeister and Matthew Hunter about how technology is being used to help researchers collect data about birds, and some tips an suggestions for attracting birds and other wildlife to your yard.

Links/Websites Mentioned in (or related to) Episode 4 

Resources for Episode 3 - Water Quality (Aired January 30th & 31st, 2021)

Wondering what characteristics make up "water quality" or what factors might be impacting the quality of the water in southern Oregon? This episode features interviews of Mikeal Jones and PUR members Sandy Lyon, Joe Carnes, and M A Hansen.

Links/Websites Mentioned in Episode 3

Listen to episode below:

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Resources for Episode 2 - Art & Environmentalism (Aired January 23rd & 24th, 2021)

In this episode, we hear from Elva Paulson and Susan Applegate, two local artists who feature nature in their work. They share:

   - their introduction to the field of art/illustration

   - tips for capturing the essence of something

   - getting started with nature journaling

   - benefits of spending time in nature

   - the significance of language/the way we describe things

   - the role of art in environmentalism

   - and the connections between art and science. 

Journaling/Reflection Prompts: 

1) Describe a significant experience you had in nature.

2) What story do you want or need to tell - and how will you tell it?

3) What is the conversation you've had with the place in which you live?

4) What might nature be saying to us?

5) Tell what you appreciate about nature and why.

6) Go outside and spend time looking closely and loosely, open for what you might see and experience. What did you notice?

Links/Websites Mentioned in Episode 2


Resources for Episode 1 - On Trail Hiking (Aired January 16th & 17th, 2021)

Looking for a new hike to try over the next few weeks? In this episode, Diana Pace and Connie Page offer some great suggestions for places to explore nearby, how to prepare for a hiking excursion, and give tips on how to prepare/what to take with you when you go.

Links/Websites Mentioned in Episode 1

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The intro and outro music for the show are excerpts from the song "Forest" by Vlad Gluschenko. Attribution information is as follows:

Forest by Vlad Gluschenko:
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