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Oregon Coast

OREGON COAST, Oregon — Oregon State Parks will once again host Winter Whale Watch Week at 15 sites along the Oregon Coast Wednesday, Dec. 27 to Sunday, Dec. 31, 2023. Every year thousands of gray whales migrate south through Oregon’s waters at the end of December, and state parks invites visitors to the coast to […]

NEWPORT, Ore – Public calls reporting sick or dead sea lions on the coast typically increase this time of year as male California sea lions leave California breeding grounds and move north along the West Coast in search of food. Each fall, some California sea lions die of leptospirosis on Oregon beaches. Leptospirosis is a […]

NEWPORT, Ore – It’s a busy time of year on the Oregon coast with visitors sharing the beaches with seals and sea lions. ODFW asks beach goers to keep away from seals and sea lions resting on the beach or rocks. Pacific harbor seal pupping season is in full swing, A harbor seal mother often leaves […]

OREGON COAST, Oregon—Oregon State Parks will host Spring Whale Watch Week in person along the Oregon Coast Tuesday, March 28 through Sunday, April 2. Every year thousands of gray whales pass through Oregon’s waters in the spring on their journey home from the calving lagoons in Mexico, and Oregon Parks and Recreation Department invites visitors […]