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Douglas County officials release statement regarding ‘Citizens Against Tyranny’

Written by on January 13, 2021

Douglas County, Ore. – On Tuesday, Douglas County Commissioners released a statement in opposition to a declaration by a local grassroots uprising opposing, in their words, “another lock down order by Governor Kate Brown.”

The group that calls themselves “Citizens Against Tyranny,” are asking local citizens to circulate a document for businesses, customers, or a stranger at the grocery store to sign as a pledge that states “That all signatory businesses will ban any and all elected officials, public employees, and private citizens henceforth who attempt in any way to discriminate, harass or otherwise oppress our rights.”

The group is also asking politicians to sign the declaration in support, or those politicians “will be held accountable via recall petition by the same citizens whom they refused to stand with in unity,” according to the declaration. The full declaration can be viewed on their website.

Most of the board members are local business owners. The group has the support of Dallas Heard who serves as a Republican member of the Oregon Senate District two and Republican State Senator Herman Baertschiger Jr who represents the 2nd District in Oregon. According to a speech made by Dallas Heard January 8, 2021, Senator-elect Art Robinson is signing the declaration and will voice his support for Citizens Against Tyranny’s cause.

Citizens Against Tyranny was formed in early December in response to “another Kate Brown lockdown.” The group has registered their cause as a 501c3 nonprofit.

Screenshot from a video of Citizens Against Tyranny meeting

Local elected officials are responding to the groups demands. Sheriff John Hanlin, an elected official has already signaled he will not sign the declaration citing he does not support “outing public citizens.”

On Tuesday, Douglas County Commissioners released a statement describing their position on the groups cause. “We have been asked by numerous constituents about our position on the “Citizens Against Tyranny” declaration and plan that has surfaced in our community.” the statement reads. “Again, we understand the passion, emotion, desperation and need some feel to do something to help those most affected economically due to the state mandates. But we can-not, in good conscience support this effort.”

Citizens Against Tyranny’s website featured a list of names of people who allegedly reported businesses for violating the State’s COVID-19 mandates. After being questioned by a local journalist, the names have since been removed their site.

99.7 KQUA has not reached out to Citizens Against Tyranny, Sheriff John Hanlin or Douglas County Commissioners for comment.

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