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Persons going door-to-door selling air purifiers alarm Douglas County residents

Written by on April 21, 2022

Douglas County, Ore., – Several citizens have made complaints to the Douglas County Sheriff’s about a person going door-to-door attempting to sell air purifiers. Usually the person knocking on the doors is accompanied by two others waiting in a vehicle nearby creating suspicion to local residents.

On Thursday, the Douglas County Sheriff’s posted on their Facebook page that they have received calls about persons going door-to-door selling aromatherapy/air purifier/diffuser products. Many citizens who claim to have been visited by these salespeople have complained that the salesperson often tries to force themselves in to people’s homes.

The salespeople appear to be working for Grand Valley Air INC., based out of Grand Junction, Colorado. Grand Valley Air INC. is a distributor of HYLA air purifiers. The owner of Grand Valley Air INC., responded to the Facebook post made by the Sheriff’s office. “This is Nick Ruland, owner of Grand Valley Grand Valley Air INC.. We are a legitimate company and these are some of our advertising reps. I am awaiting a call back from the sheriffs department but I can assure you that the rumors circulating on Facebook are not true,” Ruland stated.

Grand Valley Air currently holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and has been in operation since June of 2017.

A number of residents from around the county as well as Eugene commented that they have been visited by the salespeople for Grand Valley Air INC. It appears, according to other news reports that Grand Valley Air INC., has been doing door-to-door sales in numerous communities for years.

The Sheriff’s office described the situation most citizens experience as, ‘The sales person, usually a female, appears to be alone but when she leaves, she gets into a vehicle (a grey Chevy Suburban or a White Ford Explorer) that is occupied by two males.’ The Sheriff’s did not comment on whether or not they were investigating the claims of the salespeople pushing their way into citizen’s homes. Instead they offered the following advice:

• Use peep-holes to determine who is at your door, and keep your porch light on in the evening.
• Refuse to open the door to anyone you don’t know or aren’t comfortable with.
• Talk to sales people through the door and let them know you aren’t interested. Most products being sold door-to-door can be obtained by contacting the company directly.
• Never give door-to-door salespeople personal information or disclose that you are home alone.
• Utilize “No Soliciting” signs near your door.
• If you suspect a door-to-door-salesperson is not legitimate, take note of details you can observe without opening your door, such as the person’s personal appearance including height, approximate weight, hair and eye color, clothing description, and description of a vehicle if applicable.
• Contact your neighbors and put them on alert!
•Report suspicious persons or activities to your local law enforcement.

The Sheriff’s department also shared photos with the public.

Local photo of door-to-door air purifier salesperson
Local photo of door-to-door air purifier salesperson
Vehicle associated with the salespeople

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